The Golden Ratio Chair

Bellwether is proud to introduce: The Golden Ratio Chair.



We’re big fans of the everyday folding chair. Simple, utilitarian and unassuming. We wondered what a considered, hand-made interpretation of this throw-away classic might feel like. Something that looked just as sharp open or stacked against a wall.




So we built our chair from the proportions of the Golden Mean, a ratio important to mathematicians and artists through history.




When closed, the chair folds seamlessly into a single hardwood slab with these Golden proportions – 1:1.618.



The Golden Ratio is everywhere, from Dali’s paintings to the spiral patterns of leaves. Now it can also be a part of your home.




We’re happy to offer The Golden Ratio Chair in two hardwoods: either Pickled Cherry, or Walnut, with a traditional Cane seat.